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My Other Websites

bullet My models on Rebrickable.
bullet My models on MOCpages.
bullet My Bricklink Store where I sell spare Lego pieces and sets.

Blogs & Websites

bullet TechnicBRICKs contains great content and is regularly updated.
bullet Brickpicker Lego price and investing guide.
bullet HispaBrick Magazine Online magazine with English translation.
bullet Eurobricks Well populated forums and news.
bullet Brick Fanatics Lego news and reviews.
bullet TechLUG French based forum and news.
bullet The Lego Car Blog The latest and greatest vehicles.


Sariel's excellent new book The Unofficial Lego Technic Builder's Guide is now available. I recommend it for anyone wishing to explore the Technic system; visit my blog to read my review of it.
HiTechnic Products, a superb range of sensors, lights, remote control devices and gadgets built by John Barnes for use with Lego and Mindstorms. Do not miss this, it is excellent stuff!
Lego Software Power Tools, written by Kevin Clague and Miguel Agullo, a comprehensive guide to Lego CAD tools. These software tools are complex and powerful but in my opinion lack coherent documentation, and this book fulfils the need beautifully.
Building Robots with Lego Mindstorms, book by Mario and Giulio Ferrari. It contains a good mixture of theory and practice is thoroughly recommended.

Lego Builders

bullet Sariel's website - one of the best modern Technic builders.
bullet Jurgen's Technic Corner, fantastic models and instructions.
bullet Crowkiller's website, great model vehicles and instructions.
bullet Blakbird's Technicopedia, an extensive resource featuring great detail on official Lego Technic models.
bullet Bricks on Wheels, you won't believe the realism of these trucks!
bulletDennis Bosman's large scale Lego Trucks page. If realism is your thing, this page is a must-see.
bulletLeo's Lego, a web site containing plans and ideas for some great mechanisms and models. Essential reading for Technic fans.
bulletTom Newsom's Technic Lego page - excellently complicated and compact designs.
bulletFreight's Lego Page - Technic construction machines and vehicles with style.
bulletEvert van Wichen's Lego Trucks including an excellent three axle MAN cable lift container truck.
bulletBeat Felber's lego site featuring large scale construction machinery and trucks. The mining shovels are particularly good.
bulletBen Williamson's web page, includes some nice technic models, many RCX based.
bulletT.J.'S Lego Creations - featuring a huge crawler crane!
bulletDamien's Lego Site - several models including a rather nice all terrain crane with lattice boom.
bulletZhengrong ZANG's RCX Controlled LEGO Train Projects, who has also found a good use for Znap!
bulletPhilo's Home Page, with interesting robots and Lego based panoramic photo generating devices!
bulletEric Sophie's web site, you don't see many like this! Great robotic creatures.
bulletBricks in my Pocket, a new website with lego related models, articles, reviews and news.
bulletDoug Carlson's web page - robotics genius!
bulletLego Gonta - the buses here are brilliant! Page in Japanese but translates well.
bulletAndrew Lipson's Lego Page, some great models based on Escher's work.
bullet Miguel Agullo, as well as co-authoring Lego Software Power Tools, has an excellent website here.


bulletThe Brickish Association - a UK based club for Lego enthusiasts.

Brick Suppliers

bulletBricklink consists of many individual shops and is the probably the most extensive source for extra pieces.
bulletDacta are an educational division of lego who supply many parts no longer available elsewhere such as the micromotor and caterpillar track links. UK distributor is the Commotion Distribution.
bulletLego Shop At Home sell a variety of individual and bulk pieces as well as the usual sets; the selection is fairly limited at this time, although prices are generally cheaper than elsewhere.


bulletTechnica by Jim Hughes, a superb registry of Technic parts with great pictures.
bulletBrickset is an excellent reference for Lego sets over the years, with a good keyword based search.
bulletPeeron contains over 1000 Lego set inventories and information on the parts themselves. You can search to find which sets contain a particular part. Extremely useful! 
bulletBrickshelf contains scanned instructions for hundreds of lego sets; this feature is currently offline but will hopefully be back soon.

CAD contains information and installers for all the major Lego CAD tools.